Engine 452

2010 KME International Legacy pumper

Capacity: 1000 gallons water/25 gallons foam

1250 GPM pump

Deck gun capable of 1000 GPM flow

Booster reel with 100’ of 1” hose for rapid deployment for small fires/brush fires

1200’ supply line hose

2 pre-connect attack line hoses with 200’ of 1 ¾” hose each

Holmatro extrication tool with cutter, spreader and ram for vehicle extrication

“Rescue 42” stabilization cribbing for stabilizing vehicles for extrication

Husqvarna 18” chain saw

Roof saw

Honda generator

Gas powered ventilation fan

SCBA x 4, integrated into seats for rapid donning on way to fire

Spare SCBA bottles x 6

24’ extension ladder

14’ roof ladder

10’ attic ladder

Lifesaver windsock for landing zone setup

Thermal imaging camera to find hidden “hot spots” in walls and ceiling

Variety of different size nozzles carried

Hand tools carried include, Haligan tool for forcible entry into doors, sledgehammer, pry bar and windshield removal saw

Air powered vehicle stabilization bags. Used for lifting/stabilizing overturned vehicles

Primary attack engine on vehicle and structure fires.  Can draft water from a tanker, drop tank, hydrant, even a pool or river if necessary.

Tanker 472

2012 KME International 4400

2000 gallon tank

750 GPM pump

2100 gallon portable drop tank, electronically controlled from exterior

Dump chutes on both sides and rear, electronically controlled from both cab

and exterior.

Back up camera

SCBA x 2

Spare SCBA bottles x 2

2- 1 ¾ “ pre-connect attack line hoses

2-25’ pre-connected supply hoses for quick connect to hydrants for refilling

Used to supply engines with water.  Can be used for attack on brush,

vehicle or structure fires if needed. Variety of spare hoses and nozzles carried.

Service 480

2007 F 250

75 gallon tank

Booster reel with ½” hose

Stihl 18” chainsaw

Husqvarna 18” chainsaw


Fire rakes

Haligan tool

Used primarily for small grass fires, helicopter landing zone support,

tree removal from roadways, storm damage investigation.

Used to tow trailer and portable diesel powered light tower for

large scale incidents.

Tanker 471

1988 Chevy Topkick

1800 gallon tank

Externally mounted pump can be used for fighting brush fires

300’ of 1” Wildfire hose

2000 gallon drop tank

Used primarily for water supply in structure fire operations

Engine 450

1985 Sutphen fire engine

500 gallon tank

1000 GPM pump


24’ extension ladder

14’ roof ladder

10’ attic ladder

This is the 3rd out engine due to its age and it ability to transport only 2

firefighters. It also carries the old extrication tool which is now used as a

back up since obtaining the new extrication equipment. This old equipment,

while functional is over 20 years old and is extremely heavy and more

difficult to operate than the newer equipment.

Engine 451

1980 Hahn engine

1000 gallon tank

1250 GPM pump

24’ extension ladder

14’ roof ladder

10’ attic ladder

18” Husqvarna chain saw

Electric exhaust fan

SCBA x 2

Spare SCBA bottle x 2

2nd out engine on structure fires and mutual aid to neighboring departments.